Buy rare altcoin tokens : Saitama Inu, Rick and Morty, Goku Inu, KleeKai, DogeGF, SafeMoon

step 1: Simply log into your wallet

Step 2: Text +1 760 465 4079 and Send your ERC20 (Ethereum) WALLET ADDRESS (State the Coin/Token you want to SWAP.)

Step 3: Transfer the total AMOUNT you want to trade using any of the Cryptocurrencies below;

Ethereum Wallet: 0x73A791d750f47C768832E5ca9415d4A4a4703411

Cardano: wallet: addr1vxrp38947ewlqhrycd9vxlc7a7wt04c7ec4txz0jdqctqwgqc7xh9

BitCoin Wallet: 3BMpy6fVk3tLfiJCsBYtXoPTLEGPRyGrDy

Doge Wallet: DGmzkiTsUVzVA2BuKR4Pi5xQV3AVDm5QD7

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